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Pluto TV is a great application made up of hundreds of YouTube channels, offering a limitless array of different types of content broadcast 24 hours a day. This way, you can enjoy unlimited music, news, cartoons, comedy, science, education, and many other kinds of programming, all with no unwanted ads or undesired pauses.

When you access the application for the first time, the first channel on the list will start playing automatically, but you can browse the categories and search for specific subjects that interest you, or simply take a look at each channel to find what's showing next. When you select any of them, you can see a short description of what you're about to watch. And if you want to watch a video that's already started playing, you just have to slide the bar back to the beginning.

Pluto TV also has some extra features that confirm it as a highly recommendable software, such as the option to set up alarms for whenever your favorite shows begin, or to save any video you enjoyed to your computer. In any case, you can make sure not to miss a thing.

Pluto TV is, in short, a great option for watching unlimited channels with your favorite programming, all of them with interesting content 24 hours a day.
Tailored TV with Pluto TV

The enormous amount of multimedia content now available on the Internet is so vast that finding something that suits your needs can be like Mission Impossible. Luckily, there’s Pluto TV, a video streaming service based on the millions of videos and channels on YouTube with which you can create your own made-to-measure 24-hour TV channel.
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